Window Cleaning & More

Our Services

Clear is here to keep your home beautiful & clean! Take a look below to see a full list of the services we provide.
Living in the northwest we are surrounded by beautiful trees and a healthy dose of rain. While we love our scenery with varying weather, it can leave its trace on your home or business. Don't let the appearance of your property be neglected! With help from Clear Window Cleaning & More, you can keep your home or business looking neat and clean year round!

Here at Clear we strive to make our customers happy and satisfied with the work completed. We take great care with all our services, leaving every jobsite looking better then if it were our own. We make sure each of our customers is well informed on what is and is not needed to keep your property looking the best it can be!

  1. Window Cleaning
    Your windows let you see the wonderful world outside, don't let your view be clouded. Let us keep them Clear!
  2. Roof Cleaning
    Keep your roof healthy and great with regular maintenance. Here in the northwest roofs are prone to moss, algae, and discoloration.
  3. Gutter Cleaning
    Clean gutters help protect your home from water damage, but they can often be forgotten until they are spilling over. Let's get them Clear!
  4. Siding Soft Wash
    Over time dirt, dust, and grime can build up having a big effect on the appearance of you home. We can take care of that!
  5. Pressure Washing
    Get your driveway, pathways and sidewalks looking like new again. Not only does pressure washing make your grounds look nice it helps prevent slips and falls.